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 Williams actions over the break

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GM Dono

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PostSubject: Williams actions over the break   Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:17 pm

03 - Travel to Abby at Bromeleon, healed of my grevious wound
04 - Resting from my healing and doing inventory for the Abby as "payment", Sir Challs (best friend) visits
05 - Attend mass with Sir Challs, and report back to Sir Shernath, resume Guard Duty
06 - Guard Duty, Visit Herald and practice 'heraldry'
07 - Guard Duty, Attend High Mass
08 - Guard Duty, visit local inns & taverns to work on folklore
09 - Attend Royal Hunting Party with Sir Challs
10 - Gather Herbs
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Williams actions over the break
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