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 Nuzyael 2

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PostSubject: Nuzyael 2   Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:50 pm

The next morning while preparing to take their watches as guards, William, Annalise, and Quintin were ordered to guard the nobles as they visited the circus.

While there, a monster was reported in the neighboring village, and Constable Sharnath sent Quintin, Annalise, and William to investigate. Accompanying them was Sir Taladas, to act as liaison.

The foursome found the monster in the river, and followed it across into Kath territory, where William succeeded in saving the lives of 2 injured Kath hunters. Shortly afterword, William was felled by a charging wild boar, which was then felled by the combined efforts of Sir Taladas, Quintin, and Annalise.

After delivering the boar meat to the local lord, they returned to report to Constable Sharnath their findings. Discovering that the monster is an adult meredragon, and that the circus has a newtling meredragon, the Constable demanded the return of the newtling to it's mother, the circus was shut down and sent packing, and William was sent to the hospital in a neighboring town to get medical treatment.
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Nuzyael 2
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