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PostSubject: Nuzyael 1   Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:43 pm

Here is the short and sweet of it:

The guard Othena was escorting the priest William to deliver a message to Constable Sharnath of Jedes Keep. Along the road to the keep, they were met up with the Harper, Annaliese Marie. Once there, they were given jobs as Guards for a ten day, as the regular guards were sent to Hutop to hunt a monster that was seen there.

Shortly after starting on their job, a murder was discovered. The three were tasked with finding the murderer(s), which they did very successfully. They impressed the Constable, yet made enemies with one of the local Master Ostlers.

That same day, Sir Taladas arrived in town to being his search for work among the lords of the land. Also, the mercenary huntsman, Quintin, was dispatched by Bailiff Sir Krisagon Lartyne of Chewintin to deliver a message of his own to the Constable Sharnath.
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