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 720 Nuzyael 28 - 30

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PostSubject: 720 Nuzyael 28 - 30   Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:53 am

In the morning, they put on their traveling clothes, visit the reeve to let them know what they are doing, and head north. Halfway through their journey, they are set upon by 3 bandits. Bors makes quick work of one of them, while Anneliese slices and dices on one. The third, exchanging ineffective blows with Othena, decides to make a break for it with his life, and escapes.

Collecting what goods they can from the two dead bandits, they put the bodies in the River Kald and set them afloat, rather than spend the time burring them.

Later that day, past supper time, they arrive in Ternua and head directly to one of the inns. There, they start buying drinks and ask questions about Anerd, as he is causing trouble in the village where they just came from. He was most certainly known to these people, as they are met with comments of “murderous cheat”, and “dishonored coward”.

Hearing from Bors that Anerd is alive, the barkeeper says that there is a 1000d reward on Anerds head, and he sends for the bailiff right away. While they are waiting for the bailiff, they hear the tale of Anerd.

Two years ago, Lady Serli’s honor was called into question. Being her suitor, Sir Anerd challenged the nobleman to a duel, and killed him. It was found that Sir Anerd cheated in the duel, and was condemned as a murderer. He fled immediately, and hasn’t been heard from since.

Hearing about the 1000d reward, the three of them agree to tell the Bailiff the location of Anerd, and ask to accompany him back to Kolorn to ensure his capture and receive the reward.

Once the Bailiff get’s to the bar, the deal is made, and they tell him that Anerd can be found in Kolorn. They agree to travel together in the morning to capture the murderer and collect their monies. In the morning they travel south back to the village. When they arrive in the village late in the afternoon, they quickly learn that Anerd was found dead in his home this morning. Someone had decapitated him.

The Bailiff and his men confiscate the body and head, and, since the reward was for finding Anerd, and that the three of them had found him, the money was still paid to group.

The Baron, distraught at Anerd’s death, and now having to deal with the Bailiff with harboring a wanted fugitive, demanded that the group leave his lands immediately. Bors, Anneliese, Othena, and a very confused Quintin and Silas were given just enough time to grab all of their belongings and they were escorted to the edge of town by the Baron’s men. There, they were told that they were not welcome on the Baron’s lands ever again, and if they were caught, punishment would be swift.

Walking the rest of the night, all of the next day, and arriving at their cave mid morning, Bors realizes that the warflail he had made should be ready, and is waiting for him back in Kolorn.
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720 Nuzyael 28 - 30
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