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 Nuzyael 24

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PostSubject: Nuzyael 24   Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:06 pm

The next morning, making it back safely to Kaldor, the two groups make their separate ways. Spending the day in the area, Quintin and Bors attempt to cure their bear meat, however both fail to make their meat palatable. That afternoon, they all decide to start on their way home, figuring it will take them short of two days walk to get back into their Hundred.

Along the road, they happen upon an older man with a horse along the side of the road.
Silias and Annalease stop to check on the man, while Quintin stands a few feet away, and Bors continues on, not happy to have stopped.

In talking with the old man, they learn that he has lost his wife last year, and still wears the wedding band. He feels like his soul is still tied to his wife, through the ring, and feels that until the ring is given to his wife in death, he will never be free of her. The party takes pity on him and offer to take the ring.

With his short temper, Bors offers to take the ring and be done with it. The old man gives the ring to Bors, who walks with Annalease to the nearby grave yard. Quintin walks part way so he can keep an eye on the large man, as well as keep his eye on the old man.

Once the old man see’s they have crossed into the graveyard, he mounts his horse and rides off to the North, in the direction of the nearby town.

Bors finally finds a spot similar to that which the old man described as his wife’s burial ground, and bury’s the ring. Stopping for a moment, Bors then digs the ring out to inspect it. Finding the ring to have some nice carvings on the out side, and a phrase etched onto the inside in a language he, nor Annalease knew, he reburied the ring, and continued on his way home.

Making camping along side the road, they rest up for the rest of their journey. During Quintin’s watch, he hears noise carried to him on a Northern wind. The unmistakable sounds of a skirmish are brought to him. Curiosity getting the better of him, he decides to investigate without waking the party.
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Nuzyael 24
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