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 Nuzyael 22

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PostSubject: Nuzyael 22   Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:05 pm

Part way through the 3rd day of traveling, they come upon a mound in the Earth. Duvac says they have made it to their destination, and the three men begin to dig. As they get several feet into the side of the hill, the party realizes that this is not a bandit cave, but rather an ancient tomb.

Not pleased that they have been duped into becoming grave robbers, they confront Duvac. He explains that inside the tomb lies proof of family ties, needed to secure for himself his family home.

After much discussing, the party agrees to let Duvac have his price, but they would have their rights to the rest of the treasure. Duvac reluctantly agrees and they continue digging out the hole.

After finding what Duvac was looking for, the party searches the rest of the tomb and finds some fine jewelry. Please with their payment, they camp for the night, and make way toward civilization again in the morning.
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Nuzyael 22
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