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PostSubject: Nuzyael 20   Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:04 pm

After working for a couple days on their new dwelling, Bors, Salias, and Quintin all decide to head in to Jedes for a proper meal and socialization at the Inn. There, Bors sees the harper Annaliease practicing her singing. Excited to see another performer again, Bors strikes up a conversation with her and makes her acquaintance.

As the four sit and enjoy one another’s company, three men enter the inn and being making rounds from the richest patrons in the inn, on down the line to the table with the three dirty, smelly men, and the one exotically beautiful woman.

One of the men tells his tale of a bandit cave he knows of, and how it was recently emptied, and that he requires escort through the Kath barbarian areas to get into the cave. After a bit of negotiating, a deal is reached, and in the morning, they set off across the river Kald, and in a North Western direction.
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