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PostSubject: Anneliese   Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:45 pm


In the year 700 TR, Anneliese was born the daughter of a Miller in Setrew, just outside of Olokand.  Growing up, she showed little interest in learning the ways of a Miller, much preferring to listen to the stories and songs of the Harpers.  By the age of 11, she was regularly ignoring the chores and work set to her by her father and mother, and was a regular fixture in the town square, learning the songs and stories.  Realizing she had a skill for singing and storytelling, her parents got her a position as an apprentice harper with the Harpers Guild in Olokand.  After 7 years of training, in the spring of 719 she finished her schooling, and headed out into the world.


Anneliese was gifted with a voice of an angel, when she sings it brings people to tears. Her story telling is intriguing, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats, and her acting remarkable. All this from an exotic beauty! Anneliese has red hair, dark skin and hazel eyes. She's not all looks she can throw a dangerous dagger, hitting a bulls eye at twenty paces.
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