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 Nuzyael 11 - 12

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PostSubject: Nuzyael 11 - 12   Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:27 pm

The day starts off as any other. after breakfast, Straken advises you that the constable has summoned you to visit with him after lunch. At the meeting, Sir Sharnath asks you all to deliver a message to the Abbot at Bromeleon.

William, entrusted with the letter, heads out with Quintin, Annalesase, and Othena as his fellow travelers, while Sir Taladis is off doing his own thing for the time being.

Once the small group arrived at the Abby, they deliver the message, and wait for the Abbot to craft his response. After supper, it is discovered that one of the monks is missing, and a search formed to find him. The party goes with several other monks, and travels along the road east. After a short distance, the monks instruct the party to search the woods to the south, while they search the woods to the north.

Quintin is able to quickly find a game trail, and follows it into the woods. After a couple hundred yards, a voice is heard summoning them. Believing it to be the voice of the missing monk, they all proceed toward the beckoning calls. After a bit of walking, they spot a young man signaling for them to continue forward.

William, Annalease and Othena rush forward, while the cautious Quintin falls back and stealthily hides in the woods.

about halfway to the man, the three come across a ravine hidden by the overgrown forest floor and the dark, and fall in, only William is able to grasp the other side and keep from tumbling to the bottom. While William struggles to pull himself up, the man on the other side of the ravine steps back and dissapears, saying only "tell Karissa I am sorry". The only witness to this is Quintin. Qunitin moves quietly in an arc to try to sneak around, and misses the same ravine, and falls in himself.

William was unable to spot the fallen monk, and decides to help out his fallen comrades. In the trench, a skelton is found of a long dead man. Finding nothing of interest about the body, they clime out of the trench to continue to look for the missing monk.

Where the stranger was signaling, they found the monk knocked unconscious. Noticing a giant knot on his head, and spotting a low hanging branch, and that the tracks of the monk showed that he was running, they were able to deduce that he knocked himself unconscious by hitting his head.

After some quick first aid by William, the monk was roused. He knew nothing of the stranger that was calling out to everyone, nor why a pack of wolves near by that was chasing him (hence the running and the hitting his head on the branch) never ate him, they shrugged of these things and escorted him back to the abby.

There, they tell the Abbot and the Master of Healing about the skeleton in the ravine. The MoH takes a couple of other monks and goes to investigate the scene. There, he determines the cause of death to be foul play.

The group decides to look into this a bit in the morning, however, after short work, they lose interest in solving an 18 year old murder, and to return to the Abbot and ask about the letter they brought to him.

The Abbot informs the group about The Prophesy regarding the Asolade Hundred, and how they believe this it is coming true. They are informed that if The Prophesy does come to fruition, the Asolade Hundred will be DOOMED! (key intense music).

They learn that the prophesy was made on a specific day, and that one of the events was told of a death on that day by an old crone, who was unloved, and unmissed. Not knowing where the death took place, the party decides to go town by town to find a dead old woman. Over halfway through the day, they decide to split up to hit more towns quicker.

Visiting most of all the villages in the Hundred, it was Othena that ended up with a lead that seemed plausible in a missing old woman. Since everyone was in a different village, she traveled to the meet up point to wait for her friends to arrive.

Everyone met up late in the evening at (unknown village inn), where they bedded down for the night.

Here is where we will pick up at our next session.
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Nuzyael 11 - 12
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